About Us

GIFLEX is the Association that brings together manufacturers of flexible packaging printed in gravure and flexography, for packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industrial applications.
The Group is integrated into the Confindustria system, through the Associazione Nazionale delle Industrie Grafiche, Cartotecniche e Trasformatrici (National Association of Printing and Paper Processing Industries) and, in Europe, is a member of FPE (Flexible Packaging Europe), Division of EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association).

Ever since its establishment in 1985, the Group has provided a reference and support to its members, bringing a wide range of services, such as:

  • Information on the technical, regulatory and marketing aspects related to flexible packaging
  • The creation of technical, economic and statistical documents and studies
  • The training of technical and sales staff
  • Organizing events of a general nature, such as conferences and congresses, and workshops on specific topics.

Furthermore, through the activity of specialized working groups and coordinated by consultants, experts in the field, Giflex carries out a constant and continuous monitoring and updating of the legal aspects and the environmental issues affecting the production and the application fields of flexible packaging, providing insights and timely assistance to the entire membership base.


  • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE consisting of 12 members who are elected every three years by the processor members
  • TECHNICAL COMMITTEE and related working groups formed on a voluntary basis by the technicians of the member processor companies
  • MARKETING COMMITTEE and related working groups formed on a voluntary basis by the employees of the member processor companies


  • Spring Conference for processor members
  • Autumn Conference and Congress open to all members
Marketing area
  • Gathering of statistical data on the industry and benchmarking with Europe
  • Analysis of the financial statements of member companies, and peer analysis and benchmarking with Europe
  • Courses for sales staff, based on sales techniques, product techniques, fundamental concepts and principles of economics and finance
Technical area
  • Guidelines on procurement of raw materials and sales of flexible packaging
  • Guidelines for the fulfilment of the legislative requirements of the industry (food contact compliance, GMP, traceability, etc.)
  • Updating and monitoring EU regulations and assistance on specific problems through collaboration with an external consultant, including on sustainability and environmental issues
Information area
  • Website www.giflex.it with an area for members containing the acts of the meetings and conferences of the Group and the documentation of the various sections
  • News area of the website open to all members who want to enter any news

25th Anniversary Giflex at Teatro Dal Verme in Milan